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                  Discover the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence can bring to your business.

                  Analysis of Machine Learning Applicability

                  We help you determine which machine learning solutions are right for your enterprise, as well as giving you a full report on the potential benefits of these solutions. Our method is to work directly with you and your team, hearing your feedback and adapting to your needs, and keep you up-to-date with the most recent developments in machine learning.

                  Development of Machine Learning-Based Software

                  We build efficient and robust software from the ground-up, tailored exactly to your needs. We use state-of-the-art algorithms and research-grade neural networks, while keeping our solutions affordable and competitive. We then ensure your solutions are working as intended for an extended period of time.

                  Audit of Existing Machine Learning Solutions

                  We perform a non-intrusive study of your actual solutions, and deliver a complete report of their efficiency, as well as directions and guidelines in order to help you achieve a complete control over your software. Our team is responsive and friendly, and we’ll eagerly listen to your feedback and/or questions.

                  Want to know more?


                  Corporate Workshop for State-of-the-Art Machine Learning Solutions


                  ?Do you want your team to have a more cohesive and symbiotic understanding of machine learning technology? Our team will set up a custom workshop with your pick of topics which will then be presented in complete and interactive sessions. Our engineers possess degrees in mathematics, physics, and computer science, so you may rest assured that your team will face an expert and come out ready to apply their new skills.

                  Machine Learning Applications

                  Forecasting & Predictions


                  Risk Prediction

                  Failure Detection

                  Churn Prediction



                  Delivery Optimization

                  Schedule & Assignment Optimization

                  Budget Optimization

                  Anomaly & Trend Detection


                  Business Internal Cycles

                  Recommender Systems

                  User Behavior Analysis

                  Computer Vision


                  Facial Recognition

                  Object Detection

                  Object Classification

                  Text Processing


                  Sentiment Analysis

                  Topic Understanding

                  Conversational Agent

                  Software Engineering


                  Integration to Existing Processes

                  Deployment in Production

                  Automation Development

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